The Vehicle Wrap Design Studio is designed to allow your customers
the ability to browse thousands of high resolution backgrounds, elements
and graphics and then mock-up their own vehicle wrap ideas onto any
vehicle template in the WDS library! When they’re finished it’s
easy to print off the mocked up design, email it to friends or
co-workers, or even submit the design along with their
contact information for a quote request. And all of it
is done on your website!

    When you sign up for a WDS subscription you get the
keys to your own Wrap Design Studio URL along with a unique
Admin Panel where you can login and modify your WDS site.
Your site URL is running both the design interface as well as our
online database consisting of thousands of high resolution
backgrounds, design elements and graphics. As your customer
browses, any design or element that they come across can be
instantly added to the design interface and easily mocked up
onto any vehicle template they choose. And with the constantly
growing database of artwork and vehicle templates to choose from,
your Design Studio is constantly and automatically up to date with
new and exciting designs.
 With the Wrap Design Studio you’re not simply left with a
 database to fill with art.
You’ll be displaying the entire Aurora
 Graphics library of art on your WDS site! Each graphic is professionally
 displayed and presented with all of the prepared color combinations,
 and are all available to mock-up in your WDS site. We’re not talking
 about simple arrows and shapes like some other internet “graphic
 download” sites.... We’re talking about the cutting edge high resolution
 art that earned Aurora Graphics top position with the
largest digital art collection of it’s kind!
            Arguably the most important aspect of the
      Wrap Design Studio is the content that drives it... the art.

      Aurora Graphics digital images are designed specifically for vehicle wraps
      and custom graphics of all types. From custom and race enthusiasts to small
      business and commercial needs, we’ve got you covered with imagery that hits the mark!
      “Compliments to your designers, best graphics I have ever come across.”
                                                                                          -Timothy Stewart
“This is major 21st Century thinking!”                     
-Don Rogers, SignBuilder                   
       This unprecedented web tool provides professional
display of thousands of interchangeable art products directly
 to your clients for the ultimate in design selection. Give your
clients the tools to decide the look they want, directly from
your website. The Wrap Design Studio Interface is designed to
be easy to use by anyone regardless of their knowledge in digital
design. Enter keywords searches based on the desired subject,
such as “florist,” for example -or- by image type, such as “flames.” (Prices are excluded from all image searches on your WDS site.)
Once the desired look has been found by your client, they
“Submit for Quote,” directly to you.
       “The site looks fantastic, and I
really like the ability to
purchase ala’ cart!”
 -Mark Averitt,
  Image Graphics Inc.
“I was designing on your site
all night, even missed dinner!
My 16 year old was designing
wraps too! It’s so easy and so
much fun... HOMERUN!!!!!!”
-Scott, Jerry’s Printing
Your Admin Panel edits easily with no
HTML or PHP programming skills!
Now change the look, feel and specials
any time you want, just click and go!

Page length is determined by you
through your Admin Panel.

Your client can easily try different looks
without your help. You quote the job
your client has already picked out.
It couldn’t ne easier!
WDS Skins are also available for fast professional layouts!