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1. What is the Wrap Design Studio (WDS) website?
1a.   The Wrap Design Studio is a web-based application that is made to look and act like the Aurora Graphics Website. The WDS is completely customizeable for your business and it runs either as a stand alone site, or can be easily linked to your existing site. The WDS Content (graphics, designs and vehicle templates) are automatically updated without effort required by you. When you send customers to your very own WDS, it appears that the site and itís contents are all a part of your business.
2. How Does It Work?
2a.   When you are ready to really expand your business and increase market share, go to www.wrapdesignstudio.com and purchase a WDS site from us. After purchase you will download a ZIP folder with instructions, tips and tricks, and other support information that you will need to become familiar with setting up and administrating your new powerful graphics website. Read over the documentation and watch the video. The following business day you will be emailed your administration panel keys (ADMIN KEYS) along with the link (URL) for your very own Wrap Design Studio site! Once you receive it, you can actually use it right away, or, you can begin to customize it to reflect your needed information such as the header, footer, body and anything you may want to advertise within those panels. The WDS will be ready to link to your existing website at this time if you intend to do that, or simply type the URL into an Internet Explorer 8 (or) Mozilla Firefox browser to bring up your new WDS site as a stand-alone website. Itís all very quick and easy after reading the instructions downloaded after purchase. No HTML or PHP coding knowledge is necessary to administrate your site as it is very user-friendly. If you intend to link it to your existing site, you may need your website tech. to install the link unless you design or administer your own existing site. EMBEDDING YOUR NEW URL LINK INTO YOUR OLD, EXISTING SITE IS NOT INCLUDED OR OFFERED BY AURORA GRAPHICS.
3. Do prices appear on the graphics when they display on my WDS site?
3a.   No. Prices are not displayed for individual graphics or design elements on your WDS Site. We have left pricing the finished work to you. You can always add prices into the HEADER, FOOTER, OR BODY of your WDS site pages if you desire, however these panels are designed for your company logo, info, phone, email or ďSpecialsĒ you may be running and want to advertise them. You can see an example of this on the home page of www.auroragraphics.net just below the header. Thatís where we post new specials, discounts, announcements.
4. How will my customers / prospects know how to use the Wrap Design Studio once they get to my WDS site?
4a.   We have produced a generic video that explains exactly how to use the site, how to search artwork / add to favorites etc. and then how to use the WDS to do mockups, change layers, delete and edit their creation. The video also explains how to contact you for a quote while sending you a screen capture of what they are interested in and a list of the file(s) used to create it so you know exactly what is involved with what your prospective client wants....right down to the type of vehicle itís going on. This video is available at the bottom of your WDS by default under the button labeled "How do I use this?".
5. Do ALL Aurora Graphics design elements, backgrounds, partial wraps, full wraps etc., display on my WDS site?
5a.   Yes, all of our content will automatically display in your WDS site and also auto-updates itself continually so you donít have to a thing to keep the site up-to-the-minute all the time. (This includes new vehicle templates too.)
6. What do I do when someone sends me a quote request & where does it go?
6a.   The quote requests will first send an email notification to your email address alerting you to a customer quote request. Then, login to your ADMIN panel for your WDS site using the supplied username and password (both are editable as well, so you can change the password anytime) and view the request along with the picture of what he /she wants on the vehicle in question, along with a listing of the file(s) used to create it. Either reply to him right then, or look over his supplied name, address and phone number and call him. You can click the file list and automatically are taken to our parent site (www.auroragraphics.net) where you can see the files listed along with prices. At that point you can ĎADD TO CARTí for immediate download after purchase of those files. If you already have purchased the file, there is no need to purchase and download it again.
7. When I get my very own WDS site, does it come with or include all of the full-scale Aurora Graphics content for my use in actual output production?
7a.   No. Your WDS site will display all of the Aurora Graphics library (content) as thumbnails with which to design with and do mock-ups right on your WDS site, but each actual full-scale graphic file must be purchased separately from www.auroragraphics.net and after purchase downloaded separately for your actual output production.
8. Does the Wrap Design Studio automatically panel out and prepare the graphic / wrap for output so all I have to do is download it and hit PRINT?
8a.   No it does not. The Wrap Design Studio does not scale or prepare full-scale artwork for output. You will do that after purchasing and downloading the full scale artwork from www.auroragraphics.net The WDS is strictly a mockup design site for you and your customers' use. The WDS allows you and your clients the ability to browse thousands of designs and elements and quickly mockup different looks on different vehicles for bidding and approval.
9. I already have a lot of Aurora Graphics full-scale artwork, can I just post that on my own website rather than get a WDS from you?
9a.   It is expressly against the license agreement for all Aurora Graphics content to post an actual image of the art on any website without prior approval from Aurora Graphics. The license only allows posting of the art after it has been installed on a vehicle (picture of a finished job) as an example. Aurora Graphics only allows the display of Aurora Graphics copyright protected art to be displayed on a WDS site issued by Aurora Graphics. Failure to adhere to the license can result in unwanted action against the offender.
10. Do I have to buy an image for a quoted job if I have already purchased it?
10a.   Of course not! This is not a pay-per-use on graphic art. If you already have the graphic the client chose, use it to output the job at hand.
11. How do I bid a job (or) installation of that job?
11a.   That is entirely up to you, we have no suggestions or controls for labor or pricing of the jobs you will be doing. We suggest breaking the job into 3 phases: 1. Art Charge 2. Output vinyl and laminate charge 3. Installation (labor) if the client wants it installed.
12. Can I upload a logo or other artwork (or) text to the Wrap Design Studio so my customer can see his vehicle with the proposed art and his logo on it?
12a.   Yes. Our new improved Wrap Design Studio interface allows the uploading of an .eps file and also a .png file. The ĎUploadí feature is a slight increase in cost per month. By default (base level WDS) the Wrap Design Studio website does not allow the user to upload anything.  For $39.95 per month you get the entire functionality of the WDS, including 3 banner ads you can easily change and target to specific websites or pages.
13. Can I change the URL address of my WDS site once itís been produced by Aurora Graphics?
13a.   No. The website address is the first thing created when building a custom WDS for you. If you want a shorter, easier to remember URL for your WDS, we suggest you buy a domain name you like, then point that URL to your WDS site. Then anytime someone types in a browser your newly purchased URL, it will re-direct the traffic to your website.
14. Do the size of the images I use for my header/footer/home page matter?
14a.   Yes. You are limited to 1000px wide on these images and there is no limit on height; however the larger the images you use, the slower your site will load. Image size is directly related to speed: the smaller the images the faster the site will move.