Purchasing A WDS
The Wrap Design Studio is a fully functioning, interactive website available for shops to use
as a stand alone website or alongside their existing site. This online tool will give you a seemingly endless library
of art and vehicle templates that is constantly expanding.

Your customers will now be able to go to your website, pick their vehicle and mock up a vehicle wrap
or graphic themselves without you even being there! The beauty is in the fact that they can do all of this
from any place in the world with an internet connection. Once they decide on something they like,
They simply send you a quote request right from your website. This quote request sends you an email notification
including a picture of the vehicle they designed, complete contact information, specs of the vehicle to be wrapped
and a list of the images they used. This can really save you some serious time!

All WDS websites come with a Gallery for your completed jobs, a page for your contact information,
a page for any ordering information you would like to provide as well as
Aurora Graphics' entire library of art and vehicle templates.

There simply isn't anything even close for $29.95 a month!

Only $29.95/mo